Roxie "and then it sorta changed into a..." S1E15
"Well it started out as... and then it sorta changed into a... at this point I don't really know."
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Austin Goldenpup is an upstanding citizen of Paw-Tucket and a friend/love interest of Roxie's.


Austin, who remarks that his owner looks like Paul Bunyan, is excited by the mere mention of his owner. He dreams about his human-world training, which may result in sleep-hoarding.

Austin is known by the other pets of Paw-Tucket to be friendly and well-behaved. Following the evidence prtesented in In the Steal of the Night, he turns himself in despite knowing himself innocent. Austin is hard-working and always willing to help out a friend. Austin exercises regularly, and is among the most fit pets in Paw-Tucket.

Physical Appearance

Austin has shaggy golden-tan fur with blue eyes, and an angular snout. His fur pools and droops at the lower-sides of his face. He wears a yellow bandanna, which has white spots. His ears droop downward. His tail is white at its end, which may or may not be shown, depending on the shot of the episode.