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"Well it started out as... and then it sorta changed into a... at this point I don't really know."
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Savannah Cheetaby is a vocalist, and presumably pop star, white cheetah in Paw-Tucket. She is voiced by Bethany Brown.

Physical Appearance

Savannah started off with white fur and black markings. Her hair was bright blonde, and her paws and the insides of her ears were fuchsia.

Her design appears to have been changed mid-season, though. In CEO Trip, Savannah has a less harsh colour scheme. Most of her markings are still black, but her main fur colour is now pastel pink. Her hair, the tips of her ears, and parts of her arms, paws, and legs are now a normal pink. Since CEO Trip is her latest appearance, it isn't clear if this is a permanent change or not.

Savannah (new colour scheme)

Savannah's possible new design.