The digital shorts were released on YouTube starting October 4, 2017.

Plot overview

Bev makes a "Welcome to Paw-Tucket" video series at places all over Paw-Tucket. She also hosts her own late night talk show.


# Title Release date
1 "Welcome to the Littlest Pet Shop" October 4, 2017
When Bev sees an old (and in her opinion, boring) “Welcome to Paw-Tucket” video playing in the Littlest Pet Shop, she convinces Mister Yut that she is the perfect pet to make a whole new “Welcome to Paw-Tucket” video series, starting with one at the Littlest Pet Shop.
2 "Welcome to the Cruise Ship" October 11, 2017
Bev is excited for her first cruise on the LPS Cruise Ship, but unfortunately she’s a land turtle and has a hard time finding her sea-legs.
3 "Welcome to the PetUltimate Apartments" October 18, 2017
Bev shows off the variety of pet-specific rooms the PetUltimate Apartments have to offer. But unfortunately there’s waaaaaay too many apartments to show in a short “Welcome To” video.
4 "Welcome to the Fitness Center" October 25, 2017
Bev tries to get her ‘zen on’ in yoga class at the Pumpin’ Paws Fitness Center, but her enthusiasm for yoga may risk the zen of the rest of the class.
5 "Welcome to the Shake 'n Dry Salon" November 1, 2017
Bev shows off all the LPS Beauty Parlor has to offer, but she learns the hard way to become your best self sometimes things may get a little scary.
6 "Welcome to Paw-Tucket Stadium" November 8, 2017
When the lead singer of Bev’s favorite band loses her voice right before a show, Bev tries to convince the band that she should perform with them as the understudy.
7 "Welcome to Spin Class" November 15, 2017
Back at Pumpin’ Paws Fitness Center, Bev takes a high-speed spin class and takes it down to a turtle-pace.
8 "Welcome to Chill-Out Inn" November 22, 2017
While giving a tour of the Chill-Out Inn, Bev gets roped into a ski race with a snow bunny. It’s the tortoise and the hare, on skis!
9 "Welcome to Paw-Tucket Park" November 29, 2017
Bev gives a “Welcome to Paw-Tucket” tour of Paw-Tucket Park, where she invites herself to all sorts of parties and almost misses out on one of her own.
10 "Welcome to the Amusement Park" December 6, 2017
Bev faces her fears and rides the ‘terrifying’ Bunny Hop rollercoaster.
11 "Talent Search" February 20, 2018
Before her first Late Night Bev show, Bev enlists Paw-Tucket’s celebrity pug judge to help her cast an announcer.
12 "Unboxing Live" February 27, 2018
Bev hosts famous internet package opener for an unboxing segment on her show.
13 "Hip-Hop Dance-Off!" March 6, 2018
Bev enlists her stage crew to help her dance off against a group of professional hip-hop dancers.
14 "Interview w/ Mac Hedgyhog" March 13, 2018
Bev interviews a hedgehog and tries to figure out why humans find him so adorable for dressing up in endless tiny costumes.
15 "Bollywood Dance-Off!" March 20, 2018
Bev dances off Bollywood-style against a peacock, and has to try to one-up her opponent’s amazing costume changes.
16 "Manny About Town" March 27, 2018
Bev introduces a ‘mouse-on-the-street’ segment to Late Night Bev asking pets questions about humans, but the segment is at risk when the mouse host goes off script.
17 "Ballet Dance-Off!" April 3, 2018
Bev dances off against a ballet-dancing flamingo who Bev thinks is at a disadvantage because of her long, long legs.
18 "Ice Dance-Off!" April 10, 2018
Bev lets Clicks take her place in the dance-off and fulfill his dream as a figure skater in an ice-dance-off against a chinchilla.
19 "Interview w/ Savannah Cheetaby" April 17, 2018
Bev superfans out while interviewing her favorite rockstar live on her show.
20 "Modern Dance-Off!" April 24, 2018

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