Scene I- Old "Welcome to Paw-Tucket" Video Edit

(A black-and-white video displaying a much smaller, simpler Littlest Pet Shop; jovial music plays throughout)

Dachshund: (Enters from stage left) well, hello, pets! You're no longer in the human world. You're visiting a world made just for you. (Fish swims by in water-filled plastic ball from stage right, exits stage left) whether you run... (Corgi steps in from stage right, excited look on his/her face) ...swim... (Fish returns from stage left) (Cockatoo flies in from stage left, landing on fish's ball) ...or burrow through the ground... (Hamster burrows into camera focus from stage right, stops next to dachshund before surfacing) ...why, you'll find so much to do in our wonderful world of...

Pets: ...Paw-Tucket! (Collective wink)

Scene II- Littlest Pet Shop Main Lobby Edit

(Camera zooms out to reveal that the previous scene was an old movie introducing pets to Paw-Tucket, being viewed on a television screen by a turtle)

Bev: Wowza. That video is majorly outdated, Mister Yut! We need a new one that has personality and pizazz... and maybe some jazz claws. (Attempts to stand on her left front and hind leg, using her right front and hind leg to imitate jazz hands; she eventually stumbles and lands on her stomach) Hah. Whoa! My person

Scene III- Littlest Pet Shop Outside Plaza Edit